Christy, first of all, thank you for taking the time to check this out! Here you'll find a couple of audio samples, as well as video clips, from work I've previously done for films and television. Some of these tracks are currently represented by some of the libraries I mentioned in my email, while others have been custom works for specific television shows or films.


Audio Samples

Video Clips


As briefly mentioned in my email, in recent years I've experienced the pressures and urgent needs of the fast-paced film/TV industry. Having contributed custom music to hit shows such as Blindspot (NBC), The Flash (The CW), The Mentalist (CBS), Riverdale (The CW), and others, I know what it's like to work under tight deadlines, while still delivering high quality music. I'm passionate about collaborative storytelling, and I strongly believe in the power and benefits that carefully crafted library music can provide for this industry's needs.

René G. Boscio
(787) 379-2620