First of all, thank you for taking the time to check this out! Here you'll find a couple of video clips, as well as audio samples, from work I've previously done for films and television. Aside from my previous work, I would be happy to compose a custom demo on spec for Impulse, based on what you and your team are looking for.


Video Clips

Audio Samples


As briefly mentioned in my email, in recent years I've experienced the schedules and urgent needs of the fast-paced television industry. Having contributed music to hit shows such as Blindspot (NBC), The Flash (The CW), The Mentalist (CBS), Riverdale (The CW), and others, I know what it's like to work under the pressure of tight deadlines, while still delivering high quality music. I'm a big believer that each show should have a unique sounding score that draws the audience in, and supports the undertones of what is and isn't being said on the screen. I also have a strong passion for collaborative storytelling, and I would love to work with your team in telling Impulse.

René G. Boscio
(787) 379-2620