16-year-old Amy, in dealing with the PTSD of witnessing her father's tragic death, finds herself in a Neuro-Rehab Center in rural New Hampshire. She bears witness to the malpractice, corruption, and neglect that takes place within the facility. Amidst the chaos of her stay, Amy seeks comfort in the arms of a staff member named Charity. Their relationship quickly grows into something more.



Directors: Lindsy Avritch, Joe Copponi
Producers: Sarah Shufelt, Maddy Gaskill
Composer: René G. Boscio

Lindsy Avritch

"In one of our many meetings, René suggested using a thematic approach. This strategy proved to be an effective way to convey the progression of our characters. The score gave our film a sense of fluidity, and helped tell the story that wasn't told through dialogue. Working with René was such a pleasure; he was prompt, asked all the right questions to understand exactly what we wanted, and boy did he deliver."